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Resistance thermometer

Resistance thermometers are electrical components, which use the dependency of the electrical resistance on temperature for measuring temperature. Depending on the location of the resistance thermometer, distinction is made between screwing, welding or inserting resistance thermometers. With a customised production of resistance thermometers, we guarantee highest possible flexibility in the selection of measuring elements and models, and that too right from quantities as low as 1 unit.

Short-term production
Highest flexibility
Small quantity production
Component repair
Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology
Heating engineering
Apparatus construction
Furnace construction
Chemical industry
Machine manufacture

This means that in case of our resistance thermometers, selection can be made between different Pt elements (Pt100/Pt500/Pt1000) or Ni100 measuring element in 2, 3, or 4 wire circuit. Apart from that, we process NTC and PTC. In addition, the installation length can be manufactured depending on the customer requirement and the process connection can be provided with threads (e.g. G1/2” or G1/4” etc.), which is required for the respective application.

Head-mounted transmitters or guide rail transmitters of different manufacturers are available in case of transmitters.  Depending on the field of application, they can or cannot be separated galvanically. Besides different head-mounted forms, the process connection can be coated as per requirement and the suitable access line can be supplied.