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Sensors for acute sensing.

Force sensors

In this context, force transducers, clip gauges, force sensors, torque sensors etc. belong to our product range regardless of whether for the medical technology or for your construction equipment. We offer custom-made solutions as well as off-the-shelf solutions - we are designing, developing and producing force sensors to match the requirements of customers since more than 20 years. Thanks to this long-standing experience and by using different methods of measurement, such as resistance strain gauge (DMS), thin and thick layer technology, we have a number of advantages to implement an ideal measurement.

Analogue output signals
Digital output signals
Customer-specific force sensors
Series sensors
Cranes and hoists
Construction equipment
Medical technology
Propulsion technology
Textile machines


Miniature force sensor in plastic casing

Our miniature force sensors in plastic casing measure forces from 0 to 20 N and are designed for assembling on circuit boards using SIP or SMD casing. Different measuring ranges and models are available for improving the resolution. The measured values are recorded when force is transmitted by means of misalignment of four piezoresistvie bridge resistors.

If voltage is applied, this change in resistance results in a corresponding output voltage in mV/V range. Different external modules for other operating voltages and/or standardised output signals are available.

Force sensors made of metal

In case of force sensors made of metal, such as aluminium or stainless steel, different methods of measurement are used depending on the measurement tasks and the force expected. Force recorders made of metal principally convert mechanical tension or compression into an electric signal. However, in this connection it should be noted that the corresponding force sensor is not exposed to any other disruptive influences such as shearing forces or torsions. We can offer you the correct force sensor for your application even in case of complex designs and demanding part geometries. Our force sensors have integrated amplifier electronics and enable the output of standardised signals and the connection to different BUS systems such as CAN Open to simplify further processing in the user control system.

Examples of available force sensors and solutions

  • Ring force recorders
  • Compressive force recorders
  • Tensile and compressive force recorders
  • Measuring axes
  • Bending beams
  • Weighing modules
  • Shear beams
  • Single point load cells
  • Special force recorders
  • Container weighing
  • Anchor force measurement
  • Torque recorders
  • Thread tension sensors
  • Clip gauges
  • Press-in sensors


Resistance strain gauges (DMS) are meander resistors, which are located on a carrier foil. Resistance strain gauges are hence very flexible and are stuck on the deforming point of the metal body (measurement spring). This way, corresponding forces ranging from a few grams up to several hundred tonnes can be measured depending on the structural design of the measurement spring.

In case of the thin-film technology, unlike in case of DMS, the Wheatstone bridge circuit is located on a round metal carrier and is placed in the corresponding flux of force of the measurement spring using laser point welding. This standardised procedure allows shorter production times, low error potentials and an almost fully automated production.

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