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Pressure sensors & pressure switches


IBA-Sensorik GmbH is an authorised distributor of various established sensor manufacturers. Our extensive product program comprises a multitude of sensors for recording physical measured quantities. Pressure sensors, force sensors, level sensors, airflow sensors and magnetic field sensors are only a small part of our different sensor families.

In addition to the sensor systems, the product range of IBA-Sensorik GmbH also comprises the complete offer of switches from Honeywell. The assortment of switches and actuators satisfies every need - right from miniature switches to waterproof or ATEX-approved industrial switches. Do you need a special solution or want your sensors to be delivered in an assembly? 

No problem! In our affiliated production, we have the facility to adapt sensors or switches to customer-specific requirements by means of manufacturing, calibration or alignment. Take a look at our selected product pages to get an overview of our sensors, products and switches.