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Flow sensors

With the help of flow sensors, you can detect each air flow - from the slightest air draft up to quick air flow - reliably and accurately, which you require for your application. A multitude of casings of measuring ranges, connection types as well as models make these sensors very versatile even in the standard version. The flexibility when using the standard flow sensors can also be additionally increased by manufacturing the sensors in a customised way and adapting to your application.

Medical technology
Welding technology
Air-conditioning technology
Ventilator technology
Fuel cells
Good manufacturing option
High flexibility
Broad product range 
Suitable for gas and fluids depending on sensor.


Flow is measured either directly or via a bypass depending on the flow rate and pressure of the gas. In each case, the gas flow is led inside the sensor via a heating element. Temperature-sensitive elements such as resistors are in the direct vicinity of the heating element. The temperature-sensitive element heats up depending on the intensity of the flow, which is recorded, evaluated and is again given out as a signal. At the same time, this type of measurement enables direction-non-specific air flow measurement, provided that the sensor is designed to record the temperature change of the heating element bilaterally. Some air flow sensors have an internal signal amplification whereby an improved output signal can be attained with simultaneous reduction of external electric circuits.

Applications and possible manufacturing

Flow sensors with a corresponding measuring range are ideally suited for ventilators in the medical technology. With a customised modification, it is possible, for example, to precisely adapt additional filters to the sensor without affecting the airflow. In addition, depending on the application of the customer, adapters can be developed for the process connections of sensors, so that the sensor can be used in the existing system without the customer having to incur additional costs for re-designing. Thanks to our long-standing experience and activity in the field of customised sensor manufacturing and modification, we have already been able to make a few solutions standard.

Gas flow sensors also belong to the current standard in welding applications. Unlike in case of very low flows, which, in ventilators, must be recorded using high-precision, it mostly concerns determining whether there is a constant gas flow in welding. A broad range of pre-set gases is available ex works itself. For all the other gases, which can be heated without a problem, there are lists with correction factors to which the sensors must be set with the help of the circuitry of the customer.