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Pressure sensors & pressure switches

Pressure sensors & pressure switches

Depending on the field of application, different measurement procedures are available for measuring the pressure of liquid and gaseous mediums. Pressure sensors convert the applied pressure into an analogue electrical signal. Pressure switches activate hall sensors, ceramic cells or micro switches using a membrane. The switching points are factory set.

Piezoresistive pressure sensors in plastic casing
These sensors measure relative pressure, low pressure, differential pressure and absolute pressure. A wide variety of casings, models and connection types are available for selection. All measuring ranges available in the standard system as well as special calibrations are available on request.

High flexibility
Simple assembly
High reliability
Vast price range
Apparatus construction
Measuring technique
packaging machines
medical technology
heating & ventilation technology

NEW! 3 trendsetting product groups: ASDX, HSC, SSC with analogue or digital signal outputs

Pressure sensors without signal amplification

This product group is the cost-saving version of pressure sensors. The output voltages (mV) of the sensors are proportional to the operating pressure and the operating voltage. The output signal of the measuring bridge is measured directly.

SIP and SMD are available as connection options. Media compatibility of sensors is dependent on the product. Contact us for more details regarding unamplified pressure sensors.

Pressure sensors with amplified output voltage

The bridge voltage in these pressure sensors is amplified internally. The output voltage lies in the Volt range. All products have temperature compensation; the output voltage is calibrated. These pressure sensors also work under robust and severe environmental conditions. Sensor element and circuitry are separated from the pressure medium by a stainless steel membrane. This enables the pressure of fluids and aggressive mediums to be measured. The following sensor technologies are used: Piezoresistive, Hall, ceramic, thin film. A multitude of electrical and pressure connections are available.

Protection type IP 67
ATEX approval

high load-change resistance for
dynamic and static measurements

Machine and plant construction
Conveyor and hoisting technology

PX2 series

With over 5000 product versions, Honeywell’s new pressure sensor series PX2 is extremely flexible and durable in harsh environments. Pressure sensors of the PX2 series are piezoresistive and have an integrated ASIC. The sensors are completely calibrated and compensated. The measuring range of PX2 pressure sensors lies between 7 bar and 34 bar (100 psi and 500 psi) [follow other pressure ranges]. Honeywell offers the Packard metri-pack 150, German DTM04-39 and 1 meter cable harness as connection types.

The measurement modes supported are absolute pressure on the one hand, and sealed relative pressure, on the other. All pressure sensors of the new PX2 series of Honeywell are produced in compliance with Six Sigma quality standards. It is thus ensured for the customer that the sensor always works within the specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us to identify the sensor suitable for your application.

Pressure sensors for
hazardous areas

Intrinsically safe pressure sensors are suitable for using in zone 1 (zone 0 optional) as per the design approval for potential explosive areas as per ATEX Ex ia I / IIC T6. The casing and all parts coming in contact with the media are made of stainless steel. The graded measuring ranges lie between 10 and 800000 kPa.

International pressure units

1 kPa = 0.01 bar
1 bar = 100 kPa
1 kPa = 0.15 PSI
1 PSI = 6.89 kPa
1 bar = 14.5 PSI
1 PSI = 0.069 bar


  • Explosion-proof pressure sensors, heavy duty with an internal or flush-mounted membrane for high pressure and absolute pressure, accuracy 0.25% and 0.5%.
  • Pressure sensors with “CANopen interface”, with in an internal or flush-mounted membrane, accuracy 0.3%, 0.5% or 1.0%,
  • Pressure sensors for highest pressures, accuracy 0.5%, as per EN graded measuring ranges
  • Special pressure sensors for low pressures and differential pressures, accuracy 1.0% or 0.6%, measuring ranges of 0 to 0.5 mbar and 0 to 1000 mbar, LCD display (3-digit),
  • Precision pressure sensors with internal membrane, for high pressure and absolute pressure, accuracy 0.05% and 0.1%, particularly used in testing and calibration technology, PC-supported readjustment possible (power supply via RS-232 interface)
  • Pressure sensors for the food industry with flush-mounted membrane, for positive (up to 25 bar) and negative (-1 to 0 bar) high pressure and absolute pressure (up to 16 bar), accuracy 0.05% and power supply 10-30 VDC

Pressure switches

Electronic pressure switches
Pressure switches help in the monitoring of static and dynamic pressure processes. Hall sensors, ceramic and thin film cells are used as measuring elements. The contact-free measuring system of these pressure switches leads to a very good repeat accuracy and a high lifespan even in case of high load-change demands. An LED signals the switching status.

Mechanical pressure switches
Pressure switches are activated by means of membrane or piston. The switching elements comprise micro switches or open contact sets. Mechanical pressure switches are suitable for relative and low pressures. The switching points can be factory set on the device or can be customised on the device depending on the design. The pressure switches are compact and have flexible connections.