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Ultrasonic sensors


Every success has a story.

IBA-Sensorik GmbH was established in 1988 in Seligenstadt. At that time, we were purely working as distributors for HONEYWELL (semiconductor sensors), GHI (thermocouples/ resistance thermometers) as well as a commercial agency for DuPont – BERG ELECTRONICS (connector systems).

Success means growth.

IBA-Sensorik GmbH constantly expanded its service with the necessary pioneering spirit and commitment on board. The product range was extended with pressure sensors, force sensors, level sensors, flow sensors and temperature sensors. Meanwhile new developments such as short-term prototype creation, cable assembly and customer-specific sensor production were added to the services portfolio.

Success means taking the lead.

With the knowledge that the requirements of the market for sensor systems and, with this, the needs of the customers are subject to changes, IBA-Sensorik GmbH decided to incorporate customer-specific modification and manufacturing of sensors and sensor assemblies in their service program shortly after its establishment.


Success means responsibility.

IBA-Sensorik GmbH has always been known to use synergy effects optimally. We firmly believe that motivated employees with the necessary technical know-how and a constructive cooperative partnership with customers and business partners are the foundation pillars of competitiveness.

Success means quality.

Strict requirements during the development and production of highly sensitive components as well as processing customer projects are prevalent in IBA-Sensorik. Quality is not merely a catchphrase for us but has the topmost priority. IBA-Sensorik is TÜV-certified in accordance with DIN ISO EN 9001 ever since 1996. We manufacture as per the IPC/WHMA-A-620 guidelines since 2013, normally at work places suitable for ESD.

Success means optimising.

Since 2015, IBA-Sensorik GmbH is headquartered in Mainhausen. The modern premises at the new location enable us to develop in-office processes and production more efficiently.