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Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors function according to the principle of resistance change in case of temperature change.  Distinction is made between 2 types of temperature sensors: PTC resistor (PTC) and NTC resistor (NTC).

Modern sensor technologies
High long-term stability
Wide temperature measurement ranges
Miniaturised, several casing designs
Heating and ventilation systems
Protection from overheating
General temperature measurements
Measurement and control engineering

PTC resistor

The resistance of temperature sensors working according to this principle increases with increasing temperature. Basic material of the sensors is generally platinum, silicon or ceramic. PTC resistors are also designated as RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) or PTC thermistors (Positive Temperature Coefficient). Pt resistance thermometers are generally the most common PTC resistors. The main advantage of these temperature sensors is the almost linear resistance curve. As compared to other thermistors, certain PTCs have narrow tolerances and higher accuracies. This is possible due to laser trimming and a linear resistance change of these PTC resistor temperature sensors. A problem-free device replacement without readjustment is hence possible.

Pt sensors

PT sensors are the most common form of PTC resistors (PTC). These temperature sensors use the dependency of the electrical resistance on the temperature as the measuring effect in case of platinum. A Pt temperature sensor has a defined resistance at a defined temperature. PT100 sensors have, for example, a resistance of 100 Ohm at 0°C, Pt1000 has a resistance of 1000 Ohm etc. A multitude of sensors are available for temperature measurement using Pt elements depending on the field of application. The most important differences here are the rated resistance of the sensor, the measurement circuit for evaluation and the accuracy class of the sensor. Our product line ranges from Pt10 to Pt10000 rough sensors in order to be able to offer you the freedom in selection. For this, we will of course be glad to manufacture every sensor, customised to meet your requirement. Whether in stainless steel casing, cast or with a cable of any length, we shall offer you a suitable model for your sensor. Our team shall be at your disposal in case of any queries. We modify and package all sensors as per your specification. All sensors are in compliance with DIN EN 60751 and tolerance classes A and B.

NTC resistor

This term describes temperature sensors that work according to the NTC resistor measuring principle.  Sensors reduce their resistance with increasing temperature. 

They are particularly suitable for limiting inrush currents. The basic material comprises poly-crystalline semiconductors and sinterable metallic oxides.

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