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Sensors for acute sensing.


Basic Board Mount pressure sensors by Honeywell

Basic Board Mount pressure sensors by Honeywell

With the ABP, TBP and NBP pressure sensors Honeywell completed it’s basic board mount low pressure sensors family. The sensors are designed for customers who require a simple, cost-effective and depending on the series a (un-)amplified and/or (un-)compensated low pressure sensor. One of the highlights of the sensors is the built in sensor die, which is the same as in the TruStability pressure sensors from Honeywell. Because of that all sensors of the complete pressure sensor family ensure an accuracy of ±0,25% FSS BFSL. The measurement range is from 0 – 10bar, output signal for the TBP and NBP is analog (mV/V) and anlog (Vdc) or digital (SPI / I²C) for the ABP. Mounting options are DIP, SMT or leadless SMT. Another benefit for the user is the very small size as small as 7mm x 7mm. With the gel coating the sensors are even usable in moistly areas where condensation is possible.

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